Collioure Blanc

Collioure Rouge


Our Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru Despite the fact that they are harvested in an overripe state, our Grenache blanc, gris and noir grapes are all put through the same pre-fermentation and Our Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru Mutage - the operation that consists of adding neutral wine alcohol to the fermenting must – stops the yeasts’ action so that residual sugars remain present in the final wine. Our Banyuls & Banyuls Grand Cru The maturation of Banyuls depends on the specific type of Banyuls to be made. The simple, fruity types of Banyuls (Banyuls Blanc and Banyuls Rimage) are matured in hermetic containers, while the oxidative types of Banyuls (Banyuls traditional, Banyuls Grand Cru) are aged for decades in oak caskets where they remain in contact with the air.