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Domaine saint sebastien Equipe
  • Pierre Girault
  • Romuald Peronne
  • Céline Peronne
  • Jacques Piriou
  • Guillaume Come
  • Julie Bertrand
  • Antoine Porcel
Our team

Pierre Girault

Technical and sales

It was in 2015 that Pierre first set foot on Clos Saint Sébastien, to work the harvest as part of his studies for a BTS in viticulture and oenology. Enthralled by the area and the estate, he agreed to continue the adventure at the end of his work placement.

Versatile and receptive, he fulfils all the tasks entrusted to him, whether in the vineyard or in sales. In January 2016 he joined the team full time, to manage bottle labelling and cellar-door sales.

«What I love is the diversity and richness of my job. It allows me to meet people from different regions and countries and to share with them the diversity and culture of our terroir. » 

Our team

Romuald Peronne


With a diploma in agricultural engineering and oenology, Romuald Peronne has forged a solid experience in viticulture and wine in France and around the world. Grandson of a Roussillon winegrower, he came to Banyuls-sur-Mer where he “dreamed” of giving life to a benchmark estate. His meeting with Jacques Piriou in 2008 gave him the opportunity to make his dream come true.
Surrounded by the whole team at Clos Saint Sébastien, he constantly strives to improve the quality of wines through rigorous work in the vineyard and the cellar and by challenging skills and techniques to adapt to the diversity of the vintages. His guiding principle is to exalt his unique terroir in each cuvée, in order to share with his customers all the work and passion that goes into them.

« Over the years, we have shown that it is possible to give birth to a benchmark estate, known for the quality of its work and the excellence of its wines. »

Our team

Céline Peronne

Administrative manager - Sales

Céline arrived at Clos Saint Sébastien at the end of 2011, when she decided to leave her post as director of Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée to join her husband, Romuald, at the estate, bringing all her experience with her. Taking on the values of the estate and convinced of the quality of its wines, she is fully committed to it. Céline carries our tasks as varied as reception, advice and sales to customers in the shop, but also performs tasks essential to the good running of the estate such as accounts, sales administration or the management secretariat.

« I am here to welcome our customers in the utmost authenticity and highlight the riches of the terroir and the quality of the wines of our appellations to the greatest number. I also take advantage of the contacts that I can build up with visitors, to give them tasting advice, especially on food/wine pairings. »

Our team

Jacques Piriou


It was in Concarneau, at the head of the shipyards created by his father and his uncle, that Jacques Piriou forged a solid reputation as a captain of industry… but also as a man of his word, faithful in friendship and honest in business. And it was the construction of tuna boats for the Mediterranean that brought him to the Côte Vermeille. Falling in love with the region, he decided to settle there. A man of passion who loves a challenge, he chose to take up a new one: to produce high-quality wines, here in this wine-growing land of Collioure and Banyuls-sur-Mer…
To achieve such a result, the “visionary” Jacques Piriou applied the same principles that brought him success at the head of the shipyards: relying on his experience, charting the course and trusting in others.

« I am proud that, together, we have been able to meet customers'
expectations by offering them quality wines adapted to their tastes and requirements.”»

Our team

Guillaume Come

Vineyard manager

A son and grandson of local winegrowers, Guillaume took over his family vineyards, part of a cooperative, in 2001. Arriving at the estate in 2016 as vineyard manager, he brought all his know-how and experience to this particularly important position. In carrying out his work, he relies on both traditional viticultural techniques (low walls, grafting…) and more modern ones (traceability, strimming, spraying…). A rigorous and versatile man of the earth.

« I consider the vineyard plots on the estate a bit like my children and I am proud to produce quality grapes that will give birth to great wines... but also to help preserve a unique heritage. All this while working in an exceptional environment and setting. »

Our team

Julie Bertrand

Sales - Wine tourism

It was as part of her BTS that Julie discovered Clos Saint Sébastien in 2013. An experience that allowed her to understand sales techniques in the world of wine. Passionate and motivated, she was offered a position selling to professional customers in Languedoc-Roussillon (restaurants and wine shops)… Before also taking on the development of wine tourism at the estate, through visits and tastings.

« Working on an estate at a human scale and with a family atmosphere is a real pleasure. I am fortunate to be able to both promote the estate to professionals and make customers dream when visiting the vineyards, our cellars and the terroir. »

Our team

Antoine Porcel

Vineyard worker

Faithful to the estate for more than 20 years, he has always worked in Collioure Banyuls. The true “living memory” of Saint Sébastien, he knows each vine on the estate by heart. Able to carry out all the work at the very heart of the vineyard with rigour and precision, he also brings all his expertise to best anticipate the development of the vine.

« My daily life is the vineyard. I like living in the open air with the plants, the climate, the seasons and taking care of each vine by shaping it through pruning. And then sharing this passion with the seasonal workers who join us each year is always a pleasure. »