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The wines of Clos Saint Sébastien are the fruit of long work carried out by passionate men and women. They have been designed to meet all expectations and offer food/wine pairings without a false note. They are available in two appellations (Collioure and Banyuls) and three complementary ranges: Empreintes, Inspirations and Collections

The wines « Empreintes »

The “Empreintes” range is, as its name (“footprints”) indicates, the expression of the Grenache from our schist terroir. Because of this, Grenache, whether Blanc, Gris or Noir, is the only grape variety present, or is in a great majority, in all the cuvées. Oak ageing is absent or reduced to a minimum.

The wines « Inspirations »

The specific characters and particularities of Clos Saint Sébastien are highlighted in this range. Wines with strong personality, the fruit of plot selection and meticulous vinification. The true signature of the estate, the 4 wines in this range make reference to the elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire.

The wines « Collections »

These wines, produced in very small quantities, are today symbols of the quality and exceptional character of Clos Saint Sébastien. The two red Collioure wines, le Clos and le Clos Grande Réserve (sold only in the United States) are blended wines, perfectly combining power and elegance, while the vintage Banyuls Grand Cru, le Cœur, truly symbolises our terroir, having spent 25 years in our oak barrels.

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