Like much of history, that of Clos Saint Sébastien began with a meeting. 2007 The meeting Between two men of character, both passionate and sharing many values… But coming from different backgrounds. One of them, Jacques Piriou, is a “man of the sea” from the shipbuilding industry, who made Concarneau his home port.
The other, Romuald Peronne, rooted to his region, is the grandson of Roussillon winegrowers.
There was immediate confidence and respect between the two men, and together they decided to take over the traditional Collioure/Banyuls estate of Domaine Saint Sébastien… 2008 The takeover The first chapter of a great human adventure opened with the 2008 vintage, a year that marked the start of an ongoing development. Quickly becoming cramped in their estate in the centre of Banyuls sur Mer, and while preserving their ambition for excellence and development, the purchase of another ancestral estate in the appellation, Clos Xatard, seemed like the obvious thing to do. 2014 Expansion This gave birth to Clos Saint Sébastien, a merger of two quite distinct entities which today combine tradition and modernity. In early 2020, Clos Saint Sébastien officially obtained a level 3 High Environmental Value certification for all its wines. Level 3 of the High Environmental Value certification is founded on key indicators of results relating to biodiversity, pest control strategy, fertilisation management, and irrigation.
2020 Environmental approach Clos Saint Sébastien is proud to demonstrate and showcase its commitment to a wine-growing approach combining quality production with respect for the environment.