At Clos Saint Sébastien,

we consider that wine is, above all, about reaching out and sharing.

Like the time Jacques Piriou met Romuald Peronne, the encounters at Clos Saint Sébastien have given rise to an extensive history and a very promising future. Encounters with wine cellar managers, restaurant sommeliers, wine importers, private individuals and distributors from France, Europe or elsewhere in the world have always led Clos Saint Sébastien to new horizons and often resulted in delightfully friendly relationships.

To intensify these special relationships, we decided to create Le Cercle.

Le Cercle du Clos Saint Sébastien brings us together to take time out and share our wines, our gourmet specialities, and the culture of our terroir. Entering the Cercle du Clos Sébastien offers an opportunity to understand and be familiar with the entire life of our estate, join the Clos Saint Sébastien family, and become a true ambassador of the estate.

The advantages of Le Cercle

When you join Le Cercle, you enjoy special treatment, preferential services, and advantageous offers.

For your membership fee of €150, you receive a Le Cercle card and a complementary bottle to wish you welcome. The card offers you a number of advantages that we propose directly at Clos Saint Sébastien and at our partner outlets.

The advantages at Clos Saint Sébastien

& advantages with our partners


the many advantages

available to members of Le Cercle